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The Future of Energy Technology

Technology touches every aspect of the energy industry, from cutting operational costs and improving efficiencies to optimizing investments and reducing risks. The energy sector has never been more in need of innovation than it is today. With increased scrutiny on environ­mental stewardship, companies are under immense pressure to reduce costs and lower carbon emissions in order to stay competitive. In the April/May issue of Alberta Oil we look at trends and developments that are helping transform the future of energy technology. Stories include:

Automation: How automation and the growing prominence of machines can alleviate issues such as labor costs and workplace injuries.

Big Data: The impact data and advanced analytics has on technology strategies, operating models and organizations.

Renewable Energy: How other energy sources like solar and wind power are boosting oil and gas production. 

Energy sector executives will be looking to this issue for solutions and innovative ideas. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services to a powerful and influential audience. Book your ad today!

Canada’s Top Energy Innovators

Our annual list of Canada’s Top 25 Energy Innovators highlights the people, companies and technologies that are helping solve the energy industry’s biggest challenges.

Canada’s Top Energy Innovators on received 4,167 page views in April 2016 and had over 375 shares on social media.

Through print, web, mobile, tablet, email, video, podcasts, blogs and social media, we offer a breadth of choices to meet the diverse and ongoing demand of our readership. Alberta Oil offers you unique solutions to gain additional exposure in innovative and cost-effective ways. 


62% are senior management
43% work in E&P companies
16% work in energy services

Alberta Oil has the largest reach and lowest CPM compared to other Alberta energy magazines

Circulation: 16,900
Print/Online Readers: 170,000+
Audience: Canada’s energy sector elite, CEOs and executives that follow the energy industry

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Toll free: 1-866-227-4276

Toll free: 1-866-227-4276

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