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Social media has become an important part of marketing today and proves to be an increasingly powerful business tool. Social media isn’t just about sharing content; it’s a way to further connect and communicate as you build and enhance your business relationships. An effective marketing campaign will use an integrated approach and social media should be considered equally important as traditional media platforms. Our social media components engage a highly desirable audience of business professionals who are focused, extremely ambitious and constantly on the go.


Alberta Oil hosts a monthly podcast that focuses on Alberta’s energy sector. Hosted by editorial staff and featuring interviews with industry experts, the Alberta Oil podcast is a great way to stay up-to-date while on the move. Listeners tune in via iTunes or the Alberta Oil website and participate on social media using the hashtag #EnergyInk

Alberta Oil readers are energy sector professionals who follow the latest in news and industry trends. Through our e-news and e-blasts distribution, our readers will receive updates on the most recent industry developments, special announcements, and upcoming events.


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Toll free: 1-866-227-4276


Toll free: 1-866-227-4276