Magazine Advertising

Magazines deliver the most receptive audiences.

Venture Publishing's variety of magazines accomplish what other media can not. They provide a vehicle for consumers to be engaged on their own time and in their own terms. They provide more in-depth information and higher quality visual content than newspapers or TV ads and are far more personal than both. Click here to sign up for monthly Venture Publishing E-Newsletter.

According to Magazines Canada, 50% of magazine readers take action on ads or form more favourable opinions about the advertiser once exposed to specific magazine advertisements. People identify with the magazines they read, they trust the content and they take action on the products and services they see within its pages.

Our magazines have receptive audiences and long shelf-lives. They allow your company to build relationships with consumers and drive purchase intent.

Engage the Senses

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Alberta Venture

Since 1997, Alberta Venture has been the place where business leaders go for in-depth, reliable information on Alberta’s thriving economy. Read by CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs, Alberta Venture connects your advertising with elite decision-makers who have significant personal and corporate purchasing power.

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Alberta Oil

Alberta Oil magazine offers its readers a unique insight into the Canadian energy sector, a community attracting international attention as "the quiet energy superpower."

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Alberta Innovators

The official publication of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta, Alberta Innovators is distributed to members of the CEA as well as executives in various industries that work with engineers, engineering students and government officials from related departments and agencies.


The official publication of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, gives you access to your most desired customers. Signature reaches an educated, affluent audience with discriminating tastes. The ESO audience has a special affinity for those organizations that support the extraordinary efforts and talents of the orchestra. By choosing to advertise in Signature, you demonstrate such support.

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Hard Hat

The Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers (ARCC AW) represents more than 12,500 members working across several construction industries, including carpenters, millwrights, scaffolders, interior system mechanics, roofers and floor layers.

If you have products or services that demand the attention of the construction industry and want to reach this key target audience, Hard Hat provides a unique forum to access more than 12,500 of the sector’s key decision makers.

Invest in Alberta

The official publication of Economic Developers Alberta (EDA), Invest in Alberta provides valuable insight about Alberta’s economic and business activity to potential investors in Alberta. The magazine features the latest business trends, developments and investment opportunities throughout the province. Reach a powerful and influential audience interested in expansion, relocation, and new markets.