Alberta Venture Reader Research

Starch Research Services conducted an in-depth reader survey on behalf of Alberta Venture in January of 2007.

The results were overwhelmingly positive - our readers look to Alberta Venture for up-to-date information and tips on:

  • Business trends and best practices
  • Company profiles
  • Government policy analysis and industry reports
  • Profiles of successful business people

As Alberta's key decision-makers, Alberta Venture readers are the desirable audience you want to reach. For full study results, please refer to the five topics below.

If you don't see what you require, please contact your Account Executive and we will send the information your way!

Alberta Venture Research

Why Alberta?

Take a look inside Canada's fastest growing economy and how Alberta Venture serves its business leaders better than any other magazine.

Focusing on Alberta gives Alberta Venture a unique perspective that readers identify with. It engages Alberta's professionals like no other magazine in the country.

Reader Profile

The audience you want - educated, affluent decision-makers.

Alberta Venture readers are elite professionals and entrepreneurs. Our research proves that Alberta Venture delivers your advertising message to the right audience at the right time in the right place.

Reader Purchasing Patterns

Alberta Venture readers make the business decisions that count.

Our readers have high levels of personal and corporate spending power and Alberta Venture offers you the invaluable ability to know exactly what your advertising audience is planning to purchase.

Corporate Profile

Alberta Venture readers are at the helm of the businesses that are driving Alberta's economy.

From multinational mega-corporations to local ventures, Alberta Venture ensures that your advertising reaches key business decision-makers who wield significant influence and purchasing power.

Reader Response and Engagement

Readers trust and rely on Alberta Venture to deliver the content they want and need.

Learn exactly how much time and trust readers invest in Alberta Venture and position your branding or messaging in a reliable, engaging environment.

Letter from the Publisher

Alberta Venture magazine was launched in 1997, at a time when Alberta’s economy was just beginning to gain profile on the national and international scene. Since that time, we have chronicled the triumphs and the trials of business in this province with a steadfast commitment to quality, integrity and comprehensiveness. It is that daily pursuit to deliver our best that has propelledAlberta Venture to its position as the best read business magazine in the province, even when compared to the national magazines.