7,000 copies every issue, 8 editions a year, and an elite and sophisticated audience.

As the official publication of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Signature magazine can bring your brand to the ESO’s affluent and desirable supporters. After a very successful 2015/16 season, the ESO and its audience are highly anticipating 2016/17’s many diverse shows. Edmonton’s most prosperous citizens will turn to Signature for details every time they sit down to an award-winning ESO performance.

Profile of a Signature Reader

  1. Wealthy, cultural, and influential. Our readers enjoy the finer things in life and desire the newest luxury products and services.
  2. Sophisticated and aware. Our readers are always looking for the latest innovations and developments in Alberta’s business community
  3. Philanthropic. Signature’s readers are interested in their community and what opportunities exist for them to contribute.

Free Online Extension
In addition to a highly targeted print distribution, Signature is also available online in an easy to read digital version at the ESO website. This extends your advertising purchase to digital audiences without the added cost of online advertising.

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Key Facts

Circulation: 7,000

Frequency: 8 times a year

Target Market: Edmonton’s business professionals, their families, and long time supporters of the ESO

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