Magazines Canada has released a short video highlighting the powerful connection between magazines and readers:

Some highlights include:

READERS PAY ATTENTION TO MAGAZINE ADS! They are #1 in ad receptivity. Readers don't pay to avoid ads as they do with other media. Magazine ads are a service, not an interruption.

Magazine circulation is ON THE RISE (average issue copies):
2004        62.8 million
2006        69.3 million
2008        73.1 million

Magazines are #1 IN AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT, bringing Canadian lives to life. Magazines cover what's fresh and what matters. There are no reruns.

WEB-SAVVY TEENAGERS and YOUNG ADULTS ARE HUGE MAGAZINE CONSUMERS, to the tune of 93% of teens 12-17 and 90% of adults 18-24! Magazine readers are younger than the general Canadian population! Who knew?

MAGAZINES LOVE THE INTERNET. And VICE-VERSA. Heavy magazine readers are typically heavy internet users.

MAGAZINES BUILD BUZZZZZZZZ. They excel in reaching decision makers who shape attitude and lead behaviour.

Magazines EMBRACE the web and create digital editions. Where will the love affair go next? eReaders and smartphones. Soon!

READERS LOVE THEIR MAGAZINES. Why? Dynamic photography. Long-form journalism. Trend-setting design.

Magazines are A MEDIUM FOR THE CURIOUS and OPEN-MINDED. Canadians shop magazines for ideas and info. Ad recall and actions taken are at an all-time high.

MAGAZINES DRIVE WEB SEARCHES MORE THAN ANY OTHER MEDIUM, more than double internet and social media.